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 J&S Strategies

J&S Strategies is a minority woman-owned fundraising firm with a track record of excellence for various political candidates and causes.  Our Philadelphia-based team has been recognized as the premier fundraisers in the region. 
Since 2011, the firm has raised over $47 million for candidates, PACs, causes, and nonprofit organizations.


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Raising Money to Win Elections

Political Fundraising

There are many facets to winning a political campaign. A major factor is MONEY. J&S Strategies has raised over $47 million dollars for political candidates and Political Action Committees. We take a unique and innovative approach when raising money. We have raised money for every level of government throughout the country.

Charitable dollars for Cities

Municipal Philanthropy

Cities have high demand and a shortage on resources. Municipalities need assistance with innovative, and out of the box funding approaches. J&S Strategies specializes in helping municipal entities leverage public and private dollars, to push initiatives forward.  J&S Strategies specializes in finding charitable dollars for municipalities.

Building Legacies

Sports Philanthropy

J&S Strategies is the premiere provider of philanthropy management in the professional sports industry.  We are proud to collaborate with notable names in the professional sports industry to create opportunities for these professional athletes to share their success and gain positive exposure through their own charitable efforts.   

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